Steinco Services

We offer comprehensive services to guide our clients throughout their
real estate decisions.

Vertically Integrated Resources

Steinco uses a specialized team approach to evaluate each segment of the real estate process. We strive to provide the client with comprehensive services that involve senior professionals for each stage of the real estate project.


  • Develops site surveys, handles lease negotiations and conducts demographic studies.
  • Proactively negotiates business terms throughout the entire process to ensure cost savings and flexibility.
  • Demographic Studies

Project Management/Architectural

  • In-house architects perform detailed space programming and utilization needs analysis.
  • Designs space that meets the functional need and look for a specific business.
  • Architects manage every phase of construction to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

IT Consulting

  • Assists organizations to ensure a seamless transition of updating or moving computers systems, networks and phone systems.
  • Works directly with tenants IT department to confirm all systems are updated in their current/future space.

Capital Markets

  • Real estate focused investment banking group that optimizes stakeholder returns by identifying strategic alternatives for owned real estate assets.
  • Provide effective capital for mergers and acquisitions
  • Contribute working capital for general business purposes.
  • Replace expiring short term debt with long term fixed rates.
  • Investment sales and acquisitions.

Tax Incentive

  • Investigates legislation to discover unique tax incentive opportunities.
  • Evaluates various corporate tax areas from sales to property tax to determine cost saving possibilities.
  • Negotiates tax and incentive cost saving programs with both state and local municipalities.

Lease Audit

  • Helps tenants uncover errors and overcharges in their operating expenses.
  • Comprehensive portfolio audit services.
  • Lease abstraction and data validation.
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