The Company

Never before has the challenge of the real estate market in the ever-changing economic climate required such a diversity of resources and knowledge. In meeting these challenges, Steinco utilizes its in-house professionals of LEED Accredited brokers, Architects, Construction Managers and IT Consultants to help companies marshal through the entire real estate process, and in the best case, reduce rent costs.

Steinco only represents the tenant, eliminating 100% of any conflict of interest with property owners. Our clients receive aggressive and unbiased representation.

Whether your company is considering an expansion, relocation, consolidation, renewal, build to suit or purchase, Steinco’s philosophy is to help organizations develop and then implement effective real estate lease strategies that minimize time, rental costs and increase lease flexibility.

Meet the Executive Team

David O. Stein

Robert A. Geddis
Steinco Project
Management, President

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