The Company

Our team of in-house brokers, architects, construction managers, and
IT consultants allows the client to focus on their core business during
the entire project.

The proof is in the details.

Steinco’s vertical integration of services is used as a checks and balance to insure the entire real estate process is always on time and within budget based on the client’s expectations.
Read our process overview below or take our process tour.

Step 1: Information Gatherings

Steinco brings all resources together at the initial kick off meeting. Lines of communications are established as well as establishing all goals and objectives from an economical and physical perspective. The end results helps the team determine realistic schedules and budgets.

Step 2: Space Programming

Assess current work environment:
Space requirements
Technical space requirements
Support Facilities
Inter-department relationships
Headcounts current and future

Demographic Study of Employees:
Coded by zip code
Coded by staff type
Establish goals: Image
Disaster prevention/recovery
Project schedule

Step 3: Market Alternatives/Evaluations

Establish preferred geography
Prepare comprehensive market
existing buildings
To be built building
Build-to-suit sites

Tour building and sites
Architect prepares preliminary
space layout
Support Facilities
Inter-department relationships
Headcounts current and future

Step 4: Initial Negotiations

Requests for proposals are reviewed and a short list of initial sites is selected. Your Steinco team helps review the proposals for economic impact, terms and conditions. During initial negotiations, counterproposals are prepared, submitted and analyzed.

Step 5: Final Negotiations

The best sites are selected during final negotiations only after your Steinco team prepares detailed space layouts and finalized budgets. Your final proposal will be inclusive of all of your important lease terms. Steinco uses it proprietary negotiation methodology during the final stage of this process.

Step 6: Documentation

Prepare / Receive lease and coordinate comments. Negotiate lease pare and submit letter of intent. Engage attorney. Receive lease and coordinate comments Negotiate lease.

Step 7: Construction

Move in day quickly approaches. Your Steinco architect, construction manager and IT consultants prepare and review working drawings to ensure budget conformance. RFPs re-prepared and submitted for the selection of a general contractor. Construction proceeds, including installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Step 8: Continuous Service

Your Steinco experience is an ongoing relationship even after you’ve moved into your new space. Our continuous services include preparing a lease abstract summary and monitoring notice dates. We perform cost auditing and conduct on-going landlord/tenant relations. We are your advocate in the real estate market, concerned with your best interests!
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