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international tenant representation firm.
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Information Gatherings
Steinco brings together in-house resources that include; brokers, architects, IT consultants and construction management all who work to help the Tenant gather information about a project, define objectives and outline a schedule.
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step 2

Space Programming
A detailed space analysis is conducted for both the Tenants current and future staffing plans, focusing on efficiency, image,and flexibility.
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step 3

Market Alternatives/Evaluations
Requests for proposals are submitted to the potential market alternatives that have been surveyed by your Steinco team.
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step 4

Initial Negotiations
Requests for proposals are reviewed for economic impact, terms and conditions, followed by initial negotiations and counterproposals.
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step 5

Final Negotiations
The best sites are selected during final negotiations only after your Steinco team prepares detailed layouts and finalized budgets.
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step 6

Steinco's real estate professionals coordinate lease comments and construction drawings to ensure that all of the appropriate terms and conditions are documented correctly within the lease.
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step 7

Steinco's architect, construction manager and IT consultants review working drawings to ensure budget conformance and construction proceeds.
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Continuous Service
Our continuous services include preparing preparing a lease abstract summary, monitoring notice dates, maintaining construction issues, performing cost auditing and conducting on-going landlord/tenant relations.
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