Intrado, Inc.
Lisle, IL

Reduce square footage and per sq. foot rental rate prior to 2008 Lease Expiration.Relocate critical systems rooms within premises.Given company’s Dept. of Homeland Security status, maintain low profile image and highly secure facility.Maintain no business interruption throughout facility relocation.

Created leverage against current landlord with new building developments in the suburban real estate market.Aggressively leveraged lease renegotiation with current Landlord based on significant loss of building value if tenant relocated.In-house architects develop after-hours construction plan to protect sensitive data & critically secure sites.

Benefits Achieved:
Reduced square footage by 21.4%.Reduced per sq. foot rental rate by 31.0%.Obtained above market Tenant improvement allowance.Acquired multiple fixed expansion rights, including Right of First Refusal, Fixed Option & Early Termination Rights.No business interruption during facility relocation.

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